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    Welcome to SVRIT Inc.

    We are a systems integration company with a presence in North
    America and in India. We have a whole gamut of service
    offerings that are both niche and broad at the same time. Our
    service offerings encompass Software Development, IT
    Consulting, a range of IT Recruitment Solutions in North
    America and in India, and IT Product Marketing services in the
    Indian Subcontinent.

    We have been recognized by our clients, by our peers, by
    thinkers in the industry and even by our competition for our
    expertise and technological knowledge. Specifically, in our
    expertise and command over EDI and EAI technologies. Our
    team, despite its size, compares to the best in the world when it
    comes to technological superiority.

    In the pages that follow, you will discover our expertise. Our
    competencies. And you’ll discover exactly why we say we are
    your ideal technology and recruitment partners.
    Welcome to SVRIT Inc.

    SVRIT Inc.

  • Software Development
  • Recruitment Solutions
  • Product Marketing

    Our Software Development methodology can be broken down
    into the following project life-cycle components:

    SVRIT Inc wants to build WIN-WIN relationship between
    employee and employer. The key to building that relationship is
    to find right person for the right opportunity. We take time to
    get to know our clients and our consultants, working diligently to
    satisfy the needs of both.

    SVRIT Inc assists clients in using today’s technology to its fullest
    potential by assessing needs and defining effective and reliable
    solutions. We deliver solutions with a high standard of quality
    that each company expects and deserves.


    SVRIT Inc. is committed to providing responsive, quality service
    while ultimately delivering reliable technology to our clients that
    allow them to achieve their goals.


    Our dedication to quality, industry standards, advanced
    training, and on-going research complements our hands-on
    expertise and knowledge gained through successful projects.


    Our clients rely on us for custom software development on-site
    and off-site and our proven methodologies have successfully
    helped our clients to meet their software development demands.